Mat Pilates

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”- Joseph Pilates
“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”- Joseph Pilates

Beginners Pilates

Beginners Pilates is gentle, yet challenging, this class is at much slower pace than other classes on the schedule, everyone is given personal attention, supervision and tuition to ensure that all exercises are performed safely and correctly.  Many of the exercises are performed in sitting, or reclining positions and are all low impact.  Pilates will help condition the entire body, even the feet and ankles, no muscle group is under, or over-trained and as you start to get into shape, you’ll be balancing and conditioning your whole body. Pilates elongates muscles to improve joint mobility and muscle elasticity.  When your muscles are strong and flexible they are less vulnerable to injury.  If you’re new to Pilates and wondering how to get started, then this is the perfect place to begin a your Pilates journey.

Intermediate / Advanced Pilates

If you have attended Pilates classes before, then this class is highly recommended, it is a much faster pace than the other classes on the weekly schedule and is ideal if you are already well versed in Pilates techniques and have strength and stamina.  The class puts emphasis on proper breathing techniques, correct spinal alignments and smooth flowing movements which will help to focus on the quality of your movements rather than the quantity, it also combines challenging movements of stretching, stabilising and strengthening the core. If flat abdominals, a strong healthy back, flexible hips joints and an overall toned look is something you would like to achieve then this is the workout for you.  It will keep your core strong and healthy and will help avoid injury and muscle strain.



This class is suitable for everyone, beginners all the way through to advanced Pilates level.  It will combine challenging movements of stretching, stabilising and strengthening the core, it is well known that Pilates will develop both strength and flexibility, help release muscle tension and strain, improve posture and exercise the joints. Stretch Pilates includes abdominal breathing techniques and also utilises equipment such as stretch bands and exercise balls.  Pilates stretch will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and energised, this class can be an addition to other classes or other types of exercise on your personal schedule or simply be attended as a once a week stretch session, whichever you choose, it will add real benefits and greatly improve the way you feel and move around.

What is Mat Pilates? 

The Matworkout consists of a series of floor exercises by integrating the 9 basic principles of Joseph Pilates: Control, Precision, Posture alignment, Centering, Relaxation, Flow, Stamina, Concentration & Breathing  designed to strengthen the body’s power center or “Powerhouse” (control)

Pilates elongates the spine (posture alignment) increasing the elasticity of muscles and the flexibility of joints (precision) including regular intervals of relaxation between exercises (centering & relaxation)

Each Pilates exercise calls on the Body to make smooth transitions from one move into the next to correct it’s alignment and perform various exercises with a limited number of repetitions (flow).

The Matworkout is a “system of training” and should incorporate a variety of exercises and some equipment. The routine once learned becomes vigorous and challenging (stamina & concentration).

During the workout the body supplies its own resistance to movement with the use of gravity incorporating controlled breathing for assistance (breath)

Pilates is considered a Mind/ Body fitness workout because of the emphasis toward body control with mental integration

With this balance of concentration, strength and flexibility it drastically reduces the potential of injury

Enhancing an overall healthy body fitness level and physical well being.

Joseph Pilates created this unique physical fitness system during the 1930´s

He believed that mental and physical health were interrelated, he called it “Contrology”

How often should one practice Pilates?

Once a week sessions are available with two/three sessions recommended.Optimal results are achieved through individual effort and consistency of practice.

Costa Nostrum Pilates is certain you will feel and look better in a matter of weeks.

Who can benefit from Pilates? 
From the professional athlete to the more sedentary

Costa Nostrum Pilates is equipped to safely and effectively work with each individual at their own personal pace, in their own personal space or in group sessions to achieve their greatest workout capacity.

If you’re not ready to do Pilates yet due to injury ? 

Costa Nostrum Pilates will be happy to refer you to a physical therapist who can help you with your recovery and then inform Costa Nostrum Pilates when you are ready to commence classes.

What about the individual with physical limitations?

Many Doctors/Sport Federations and Therapists recognize and welcome the added value this workout brings to their patients/clients.

Pilates compliments the rehabilitative work of the professional creating safe and effective movement patterns.

A well-rounded Pilates workout meets each client’s unique need.

Can I still do my aerobic training or preferred Sport?

Of course you can

Pilates becomes the complementary training to your sport, in other words, pilates enhances your other program giving you more insight on what your body is doing while practicing your other discipline.

Extra training to supplement the Pilates Method is optional and dependant upon the individual

With Pilates classes 2-3 times a week with total focus and awareness, additional training should not be necessary.