The Matworkout

Integrating the 9 basic principles of Joseph Pilates: Control, Precision, Centering, Relaxation, Flow, Stamina, Concentration & Breathing   

          The Matworkout consists of a series of floor exercises designed to strengthen the body's power center or "Powerhouse" (control)

Pilates elongates the spine (posture alignment) increasing the elasticity of muscles and the flexibility of joints (precision) including regular intervals of relaxation between exercises (centering & relaxation)                

Each Pilates exercise calls on the Body to make smooth transitions from one move into the next to correct it's alignment and perform various exercises with a limited number of repetitions (flow).       

The Matworkout is a "system of training" and should incorporate a variety of exercises and some equipment. The routine once learned becomes vigorous and challenging (stamina & concentration).

During the workout the body supplies its own resistance to movement with the use of gravity incorporating controlled breathing for assistance (breath)

Can i still do my aerobic/weight training or preferred Sport?

Of course you can!

Pilates becomes the complementary training to your sport, in other words, pilates enhances your other program giving you more insight on what your body is doing while practicing your other discipline. 

 Extra training to supplement the Pilates Method is optional and dependant upon the individual

With Pilates classes 2-3 times a week with total focus and awareness, additional training should not be necessary.