The Matworkout

  The Matworkout consists of a series of floor exercises designed to strengthen the body's power center or "Powerhouse".

Each Pilates exercise calls on the Body to make smooth transitions from one  move into the next, correct it's alignment and perform various exercises with a limited number of repetitions. The Pilates Method is a "system" of training and should incorporate a variety of exercises and some equipment.

The matworkout routine once learned,

is a very vigorous and challenging workout.
the body supplies its own resistance to movement with the use of gravity.

 Do I still to do my aerobic/weight training or Sports?

Extra training to supplement the Pilates Method is optional and dependent upon ones goals.

If you practice a Sport

Pilates becomes a complementary training to your sport of preference.


With Pilates class 2-3 times a week with total focus and awareness, additional training should not be necessary.